Research and Development

At ENFA we collaborate with top research Universities in technology and innovations. Currently ENFA and its staff support research in areas of civil aviation, cloud computing, and IT security with the George Washington University and George Mason University. Specific research areas include:

  • Air traffic control automation and use of augmented cognition systems to reduce human errors
  • Aircraft automation and adaption of augmented cognition systems in aircraft cockpit to reduce pilot’s errors
  • Aviation applications of advanced technologies in aircraft cockpits
  • Human factors in highly automated environments
  • Decision support tools and aviation risk managements
  • Assessment of risk and safety in civil aviation accidents
  • Public and Private Cloud computing architecture development

    ENFA Corporation has a proven track-record of Defining, Developing and Deploying best-of-breed analysis and technologies to enhance Government Programs. We conduct research, define concep­tual solutions, perform in-depth analysis and simulation, develop solutions and advanced applications, perform test and evaluation analysis, and provide total life-cycle procurement support. We can effectively supplement your team with cost-effective engineering support to enhance your contract acquisition strategy and deliver your products on time, and within budget.  


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