Program Management, Financial Planning & Budgeting

Effective project management is an essential part of a project’s life cycle and at ENFA we apply that basic thought to every requirement that our customers have. Managing time, resources, expenditure, and project scope are the basic elements to every project; our team provides quality and timely work which is the key to a successful project.
ENFA project leaders/managers provide customers with value and knowledge in all aspects of project management, including financial planning, budgeting, and coordination between Project Management Office (PMO) and project team to ensure PMO’s satisfaction, comfort, and success.
ENFA project managers provide customers with value and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Provide coordination between Project Management Office (PMO) and project team to ensure PMO satisfaction and comfort.
  • Develop an accurate scope of work outlining client requirements and needs while ensuring strict adherence to code compliance.
  • Accurately outline the details of contractual and funding processes.
  • Accurately analyze project requirements for proper scope and budgetary items to ensure customers are getting the best value for their money.
  • Provide creative solutions to help lower costs or meet project objectives.
  • Accurately navigate customers through complex technical, contractual, or regulatory issues.
  • Develop accurate cost estimates based on project requirements.
  • Develop projected schedules that accurately reflect the required time for each milestone in the overall requirement.
  • Ensure projects stay on-time and on-budget through oversight and quality control methods.
  • Provide documented inspections on all work being performed.

    ENFA Corporation has a proven track-record of Defining, Developing and Deploying best-of-breed analysis and technologies to enhance Government Programs. We conduct research, define concep­tual solutions, perform in-depth analysis and simulation, develop solutions and advanced applications, perform test and evaluation analysis, and provide total life-cycle procurement support. We can effectively supplement your team with cost-effective engineering support to enhance your contract acquisition strategy and deliver your products on time, and within budget.  


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